artist and writer,
born in Bremerhaven,
lives and works in Kiel, germany

She grew up near the Schichau shipyard, accompanied by the sound of the shipbuilding industry, the seaport and the smells, the fishing operations of the city brings.

By a chronic disease, it is increasingly difficult to live a normal childhood. Medical forecasts paint a brief signed by illness life. At this point, with the prospect of a highly restricted future and little hope of a normal adult life, it comes early to a confrontation with death. The decision is to lead a normal life and not to be deterred by the disease passed away.

This phase is marked by fear, acceptance and survival. It leads to a deep philosophical understanding of the life cycle and universal contexts. At the same beliefs are reviewed and considerations and reasoning lead to a definitive break with the Christian roots. The analytical mind commands the science turn, obtained by the audit opinion sees it as confirmation that creation is not personalized.

Influenced by its proximity to the impressionist painters and WorpswedeWhile William Turner and Claude Monet are admired by her, she's attracted to the surrounding coastline, the march and the Devil's Moor. The works of Heinrich Vogeler, Bernhard Hoetger they inspire. Apart from Leonardo Da Vinci, Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc are becoming models.

"Who has such models is probably hands full this lofty goal employs justice to."

While early works still bear heavily impressionistic strokes, it soon comes to a junction. There will expressionist paintings depict the shipyard views, ship components and the old wood gas plant in Bremerhaven. It's like burning everything blurred contours, everything flows together. It was at this time began the systematic destruction of old paintings as a sign of change and renewal. Friends save a few images from destruction.

In the early 90s, this work will be complemented by studies of movement. These are already showing strong abstracting trains. The color spectrum is reduced to a few colors. The content remove himself from material existence to abstract concept. Man is. To a passing phenomen.

In addition to this clear trend until today, producing images which arise topics fairy tales, legends and books. Here the style, similar to the drawings retain nearly impressionistic character. It is a child's love of fairy tales, the desire to surround himself with beautiful that in a world of decay and renewal.

It is followed by years of traveling and studying. Study contents are cultural history, anatomy and human nature. Understand the people as a whole and it both micro and macro in the cosmic sense to capture as Fully as possible is the goal. To provide analytical considerations of physical and psychological contexts.

The Earth and especially the earth moving, as well as the well-known phenomena of the cosmos to get to the bottom is here given space. This aroused scientific interest in childhood can now be satisfied through access to universities and their libraries finally. The fascination of power and effect of the power of the elements and its hidden opportunities to employ today.

Despite the apparent local ties to the coast, the restlessness and the desire for new discoveries and opportunities remain to research to find new expression. Despite all previous forecasts in 1999 is not the end of the life span in sight. Not without drama, a healthy child is born. Another impossible abgesprochenes event.

The experiences complement preliminary findings and knowledge. Now it is possible to handle these topics in unprecedented form in pictures and words. Contours and shape lose now almost complete. This is the completion of the previously still sketchy series "flames woman".

Increasingly now bring new scientific knowledge and employed a previously difficult to be proven ideas about space, time and the fullness of the universe around us.

"The universe is not a place for emptiness."

In the aftermath it comes to new ideas. The completely abstract series of power spots (energy images) arises. The new series of images of the current unrest notice of an impending change. Chaos stands beside system.

Their drive was and is this thought:

"My breath, my pulse, my heartbeat now. The urge to be creative
I have to be me. My creativity to not live not to paint, not to
Write; unthinkable. That has already started long before me painting
or writing as a conscious part of my life met.

What if I extended my senses and could see all the energy.
Is this possible. Is it possible to cross this barrier. Since then stand
I every morning, recognizing the impossibility of my
Project and go to work to provide energy to manifest in color,
strive for perfection, Strive me my talent
at least to be worthy to receive the gift, a test of
many of the diversity of creative energy, the mass of sensations
visible at least in sections to be let. "


I finance my work on donations and occasional sales. Therefore, any support, whether financial or material kind welcome.